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MEANS Collective (formerly TenThousandMeans) is a media and fundraising organization devoted to the furtherance of human rights campaigns and dialogue through the alternative arts. First established in 2009 to raise awareness and financial support for the fight against Human Trafficking, MEANS Collective, over the years, has partnered with human rights organizations and NGOs worldwide with proven commitments in making a better world.

The contribution of interviews and articles through its media apparatus MEANS Post and independent publications have helped shine this light. MEANS Collective is dedicated to the promotion of these noble efforts and the support for those who fight the fight. MEANS leaves no stone unturned.

MEANS Collective is fiscally sponsored by the Peace Development Fund, a grantmaking foundation with over 35 years of impact and game-changing results.

Together, MEANS and PDF roll up our sleeves. We go to work.




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“Those who have suffered understand suffering and therefore extend their hand.”  

- Patti Smith

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