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“Those who have suffered understand suffering and therefore extend their hand.”  

- Patti Smith

Who we are:  

MEANS Collective (formerly TenThousandMeans) is an advocacy facilitator devoted to the furtherance of human rights and the strengthening of impactful dialogue. The Message is the Mission.


First established in 2009 to raise awareness and financial support for the fight against Human Trafficking, MEANS Collective, over the years, has partnered with human rights organizations and NGOs worldwide with proven commitments toward making a better world.

How we work: 

MEANS joins with organizations to strengthen their messaging, programming and networking strategies. This is done through the development of branding and narrative efficacy, the introduction of program resources/contributors and the production of fundraisers.

MEANS publishes articles championing human rights leaders and provides editorial support and messaging strategies to hone the narrative of its partner organizations. Finally - and particularly - MEANS introduces assets and solutions resources to streamline an organization’s operational efficacy. Often this means introducing the right person to get the goal realized - to get the job done. 


MEANS makes the connections.

MEANS continues its fundraising programs in support of its partner organizations. MEANS Collective is fiscally sponsored by Peace Development Fund, a grantmaking foundation with a 40 year track record of effort and impact.

MEANS lineup: 

MEANS is empowered past and present by a community of creative advisors and all around doers, including:

Chris Bahara

Tata Traore-Rogers

Cory Carpenter

Marta Navarrete

Catey Hager

Phil Darosa

Barbara Dupree

Merylee Smith Bingham

Bethany Bandera




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