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Past Forward:  


For the last decade plus, MEANS has joined with partners worldwide to further programs and campaigns in service of human rights. This has included support for invaluable organizations including Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees, Love146, and Tamko Project Cameroon as well as human rights leaders including Jack Healey, Deanna Van Buren, Yasmin Vaffa and Ali Abu Awwad.

These partnerships continue today with NGOs including the nonviolence Taghyeer (Change) Palestine, and social enterprises including Tayf Store showcasing the work of Turkish women artisans as well as community betterment projects.

Looking forward to 2022, MEANS will be developing its consultancy to join with its pro bono partnership model in widening its support offerings to community leaders and programs.  MEANS is also exploring an evidence-based giving platform to ensure the best bang for the donor’s buck.


MEANS is committed to its continuing mission of providing a beeline to activation and efficacy in support of human rights community leaders and their direct work.

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“My Religion is Kindness.”   - Dalai Lama  

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