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March in March: The UN Women for Peace Represent

They're all here. Everyone of them. Those who have their skin in the game. Those who have been paying attention. My desire is to just step back and observe all this. Breathe it all in. There is some definite good going on here. I want to see it all. Absorb it all.

On Saturday, March 5th, The UN Women for Peace Association presented it’s 4th annual #IWalk4Women March Against Violence at the United Nations Plaza. What a great assembly. It was great to see the players in the fight - their passion. The collective spirit.

Peace Development Fund was our gracious host. Curt Sliwa and his Guardian Angels were there. As was Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (whew, mouthful). Good witch Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries was fierce on accountability. And Grand Marshall Dionne Warwick brought it from the stage, along with the Brooklyn Cultural Center Choir. Did somebody say acapella key change?!

And the first to greet us were reps from the New York City Police Department. Definitely the Finest today. They asked if we needed to schedule instruction on women’s safety protocols. Dope! I took a card. There were campus assault awareness groups, family support representation. A bunch of men and scores of strong, committed and empowering women. It was great to see a joyous celebration of community, and to know that everyone there, in there own badass way, was occupying their time and constructive energy on helping those we simply can’t forget.

While the faux doers clammer for stage attention during this season’s episode,, presidential campaign, it was nice to spend this time with real heroes. There were lessons to be had there on the Plaza. There were songs to be sung.

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