Jewel of the Mekong

This past January, photographer Meredith Nevard embarked on sojourn to Laos and Vietnam to document community and culture on behalf of the Grace Family Foundation. Here she shares part of that experience:

A corner and the noon-day sun. I'll be free to roam again.

Studying with friend.

The curious is beauty. And company proffers exponential grace.

Prudence framed.

Party of One

The Truth is not in the names we give, but in the insistence of our reverence.

More and the Nameless.

I see you. And I'm laughing at our future tales

Your moment and our lives continued.

A Better Home

Nothin' much. How 'bout you?

The Timeless Share

Meredith Nevard is an artist & humanitarian, documenting community experience in Southeast Asia, Uganda, Honduras and Guatemala. When not traveling, Meredith lends her curatorial vision to the work of the Becoming Independent Art Collective.

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